BlueLine 100R Guitar Amp

Johnson BlueLine Combo Amps range from 20-watts to 100-watts, this line represents the best in quality and stage performance for its price range on the market. The features on these amps are outstanding, and set them far above a standard amp.

The BlueLine 50R and 100R deluxe amps step the series up to a higher level of power and control. They feature dual individual overdrive and clean channel 3-band equalizers. These amps have vintage-style spring reverb, built in footswitch, effects send/return, and high/low input jacks. The 50R and 100R are for the serious musician who desires the best performance possible.

All BlueLine amplifiers have a two-year warranty and feature the Johnson BlueLine logo. Controls and jacks are top loaded for ease of use and control access. Johnson BlueLines are the best series of affordable amplifiers on the market for musicians looking for power in any price range.





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